It’s gone

The Marble Madness Arcade game was picked up today. An end of an era. A very short era (18 months), but an era all the same. I must sell more stuff. Maybe this desk that I have this computer on is next. Or perhaps my bedroom set. Yes, I am in the middle of a purge.

I purchased Geometry Wars through Steam two days ago. Very addictive game. For the uninitiated, Geometry Wars is a Robotron styled game. Here is a video of someone really good at it.

Apparently the arcade style games that I played back in the 70s/80s are now called “casual games”. I am slowly drifting back to this type of game. The shooter games of the present era are getting too realistic and too complex. As a result, too time consuming. These arcade games are perfect for burning a half hour… it doesn’t kill a whole day.

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