Mesocyclone Detection Algorithm

The Chemical Brothers released their latest amalgamation of noise today. I am so on top of things, I am listening to said amalgamation as I type! I like what I hear so far. Here is the first associated video!

Comcast is out of my life. I now have just over-the-air TV and DSL for internet. I need some video podcasts to make up for the gap of visual stimuli. Ideas are welcome. Currently I watch Diggnation and Infected off of revision 9. If I don’t get my visual stimuli soon, I may cave and get Dish Network going. Only $25 a month with no contract… after you pay for install and initial equipment.

I am going to try to eliminate fructose from my life (I expect partial failure). According to this Australian interview, fructose is the primary culprit for the obesity epidemic. Other carbs aren’t nearly as guilty as fructose. Kind of explains why I have cut down on calories, but not losing weight. I love orange juice. That, and other fruit juices, are apparently the worst thing I can consume. Might as well be drinking sugar soda. Eating fruit is okay, because dietary fiber and the fructose are in balance. A quote from the interview is quite telling,

If you look at the Atkins diet, the Atkins diet was no-carb, high-fat, and it worked. We look at the Japanese diet, high-carb, no-fat, it also worked. When you put them together you get something called McDonalds and clearly that doesn’t work.

The reason the classic Japanese high carb diet worked? Low fructose.

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  1. The traditional Japanese diet didn’t include bread, either.

    Atkins works in its early phase by inducing your body to burn its own fat for fuel. Which contrary to popular opinion won’t hurt you; your body is made to do that naturally when food supplies are low. Staying in deep “ketosis” for a long time isn’t good for you, but that’s also not part of the Atkins diet. The diet also stabilizes your blood sugar levels, which as that article said has a lot to do perceptions of hunger and with fat depositing. The simple version of Atkins is: no sugar, no bread, eat meat, don’t worry too much about the fat as long as you’re not eating sugar. I do remarkably well on this diet, myself.

    I do think he’s right about one thing: we didn’t evolve to eat so much fruit/fructose. We evolved on the African savannah, and there was never, to my knowledge, much in the way of native fruit trees and fruit plants. Dates, figs, but certainly nothing like a supermarket produce aisle where you can get basketfuls of anything you want every day. Sure, fruit is good for you, but like everything else, maybe too much isn’t so good.

    I didn’t know all the stuff he’s saying about how fructose works in the liver and the effects of exercise. That’s interesting. Cutting back on fructose shouldn’t be hard for me. I eat very little fruit as it is, and I’ve already given up sugar-sweetened sodas (pause for a moment to mourn the loss of Mountain Dew) and most packaged baked goods. I’ll pay more attention to the fructose, now, for sure.

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