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We did a Palm run to Palmer’s Bar this afternoon. I drove to the West Bank of the Mississippi right after work. So I was there at about 1:45, while the actual meeting time was going to be around 3:30 PM. With the extra time, I parked on the West Bank, and then walked across the Mississippi River on the Washington Street bridge to the East Bank. There were two bridges in the way between me and the collapsed I-35W bridge, so I could only get a glimpse of the downed bridge.

I kept walking to Pillsbury Hall on the U of Mn campus. This is where I took all of my Geology classes for my BS degree. I walked over there for one purpose, to get the picture that is included with this post (click on thumb image). My defacing of public property is depicted in this picture. My graffiti is the one that says, “Kurt of the Dirt ’87”. The ceiling in this picture is in the student lounge. So this is a special event, the 20th anniversary of me getting a ladder out and writing on the ceiling with a #2 pencil. I suppose I could of lied and told you that I shimmied up the pole and did this deed, but that would be wrong. When you hear someone refer to me as KOD, you now know that it is deciphered as Kurt of Dirt.

On the walk back to the West bank, I snapped a few more pictures. The first one is the shoe tree off of the Washington Bridge. I don’t know the story behind this tree. I learned back in the 90s that shoes hanging from power lines was a signal of a drug deal meeting place. I don’t think that applies here, though. It is probably a viral thing. Someone threw a few shoes in the tree, and then others thought it was cool and followed suit.

Two of the main West Bank bars during my college years were 5 corners saloon and the 400 bar. The 400 bar was undergoing a little bit of a face lift. Look what they uncovered under the siding. If you can’t read it, it says “Drug Store”. I thought that was cool. That blue picture thing is over the old entrance to the bar.

Here is a pic of formerly the 5 Corners Saloon. Pretty trippy, eh. As you can see, now known as Nomad World Pub. Urban and World music is now played there. When it was 5 corners, typical bands were of the blues/rock genre. You can see in the picture that a sign was removed. This reveals the old paint job with word Saloon almost entirely visible. The Zoyx Attorney tended bar at “the 5” for, well, a long time. This is how she got all worldly wise, so she can solve all of my problems. She is an “icon” of the west bank, yah know.

I ate some frozen pizza at Palmer’s, while hanging out with the Zoyx attorney and the Evil Anti-Martha (Stewart). This was the third farewell happy hour that I participated in with the Zoyx attorney. Hopefully that is enough. She can leave now without me feeling any guilt.

Now the paragraph you have been waiting for… enjoy.

This evening, I had a “specialist” look at my “basement” seepage. He thinks he can “treat” the seepage problem, while working around the sewage “man hole”, and with no “probing”. The back of my “place” has good “drainage”, so no need to work around my “back door”. Hopefully this will solve my “plumbing” problem.

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