Cerave – eczema super cure

I paid a visit to my 3rd Dermatologist concerning the eczema on my hands and feet. Nothing new. No miracle cure. Same advice that the previous two gave me. He did give me a fresh list of cremes and ointments to plaster on my dry and cracked skin.

The first lotion I am going to try is Cerave. On the list that the doctor gave me, this is the one he starred and underlined… well OK then. The main takeaway I got from this doctor was that whatever cream, lotion, ointment, suave I choose – it should not only moisturize, but set up some sort of barrier to prevent your natural moisture from escaping. This is what Careve does, in theory. So a mini-tub of Careve is on the way to my place from the great Amazon warehouse in the sky, and should be at my house by mid-week.

According to Amazon reviews, it is that miracle cure… an example:

Cerave is probably the single most effective treatment I have found for reducing inflammation and strengthening the skin barrier. (And compared to other treatments I have had, what a bargain! ) I am not aware of any side effects. Skin improvement began the first week I used it. My skin is softer and more supple, ichthyosis and scaling are way down, redness has abated considerably (though not entirely) , and the horrible itching is a minor distraction now. I have had fewer outbreaks of staph infections, and – most remarkable – I look healthier and am comfortable most of the time. In addition I am more focused mentally, more rested, and less prone to depression . 

These results are amazing given my history. I do need to use CeraVe at least twice daily to maintain its benefits, which seem to include immune system strengthening. And there is one frustrating area not responding very well to this treatment – my face ( not the area I would choose if I had to have one problem area). Overall though, with the itching way down, I am more relaxed and happier than I have been in years. I hope others with my condition will find this cream as as helpful.

So there you go… Careve will not only disappear-ify my skin sloughing, but will rid me of those nagging deep black depressions. A miracle indeed.

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