Unwanted Project

I did a little job related web programming. My boss did a good job of disseminating this project to the people above him. This was about a month and a half ago. I have received limited feedback outside of my boss. Very disappointing. I tried to get this web page placed on a NWS web server. Because the page uses the Google API, and the NWS doesn’t have the necessary licensing for using the Google API, it didn’t make it on to a web server. So I used my gamespy.com account and placed it there. Probably broke a rule there, but no one seems to have called me on it.

So the only purpose the page serves now is a “lookity what I can do” thing. So without further ado, here is my CWA composing page. Information/instructions can be found after some scrolling down.

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  1. Your project

    That’s pretty impressive to my admittedly easily impressed mind. I can kinda sorta in a vague sort of way see the utility in your present line of work. However, for my personal use, I really like being able to get the big picture (literally) on where the bad weather is. I hope you leave it up so I can keep getting the radar map.


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