Did it Again

Back in April, I did a two mile run that was below 15 minutes. It took me 5 months, but I just repeated the feat. Something about summer that slows me down. I have been running these two mile runs between 17 and 18.5 minutes all summer long. My theory for the summer slow down include the heat, and perhaps some allergies affecting my lungs.

Other recent exercise highlights include a 5 mile run 8 days ago, a 4 mile run 3 days ago, and a 27 mile bike hike on the Cannon Valley trail between Welch and south of Red Wing 2 days ago. For reference, I did that 5 mile run at a 8:53 pace.

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  1. exercise and heat

    A friend at work, who is a fanatical fitness guy and also geeky enough to want to know how it all works says that your body responds to excess heat by, among other things, shutting down your muscles. So, the result is that if your working out and get hot enough that your body can’t throw off the heat via sweat or breathing, it will actually shut down your muscles to a degree to prevent you from generating more heat. So, heat slows you down. And it’s not something you can just bull your way through. Your muscles refuse to work that hard when it’s hot.

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