Surrounded by Incompetance

Team Fortress 2: First to gloat. I just completed my best game of Team Fortress 2. I had the most points on the winning team. Twenty-two kills vs. 16 deaths with some assists and a capture included – I ended up with 33 total points. Second behind me was Xenocide_X, someone I know on the coyote forums. That propelled me into 92nd place on the USDN server. Nice to know that at my ripe old age, I can still hit one out of the park.

Delivery: My island/table was delivered yesterday. They were supposed to give me a call in the morning, to coordinate a delivery time for the afternoon. Nope, they just dropped off the boxes at my front door while I was at work in the morning.

There was only two boxes, which I thought at the time meant it was in pieces, and there was going to be a lot of assembly. Nope again. I had one assembled storage unit, when there was supposed to be two. In other words, they forgot a box. I called the store manager, he will call the delivery company early tomorrow morning, and ask where the missing box is.

More Projects: In a recent post, I listed stuff around the house that I would like to do after the current project is done. Of course there is more beyond those. There’s always more.

I would like to cut down some trees. There are at least 30 trees in my yard. I should get that count down to 20. The owner of my house back in the 70s planted two rows of trees (over 25 years ago). They are now mature, and it is apparent, that the trees were planted too close to each other. They are fighting each other, so none of the trees have good symmetry. Plus when these trees fully leaf out, I cannot see the pond from my house.

I need a new water heater. The one I currently have is from the early 90s. I have been looking at an electric on-demand water heater. Bad news, in order to heat my 50 degree tap water, I would need to get a 120 amp water heater. Considering I only have 150 amps coming into the house, I would need a major upgrade to my electrical. Looks like I will be getting an old school tank water heater. Probably for the best. I imagine tank water heaters are more reliable.

I would like to finish the garage and somehow heat it. The walls have been insulated with some plywood tacked on. So I just need to “rock” the ceiling and then blow in some insulation up there. I should also tape the seems of the sheetrock. Doesn’t have to look good in the garage, so my amateur work is okay in there. After that I would need a furnace to heat the place.

Below is my stats “sticker” from the USDN Team Fortress 2 server. This server is located in Canada, of all places.

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