More Shit Done

I’m tired and grouchy, and this post will probably reflect that.

Yesterday I got the ball rolling on a new water heater. That’ll set me back $750 including installation. A 40 gallon tank with an energy saving algorithm included. In theory, it will keep track of my hot water usage and adjust the temperature accordingly. Since I am a shift worker, it’ll be interesting if it can find a pattern. This was back ordered. So it will be around 10 days before this is installed.

My kitchen faucet didn’t have any shut off valves underneath the sink. This is important because I will be ripping out the sink just before the new counter and sink is installed. So it would be nice to shut the water off locally. Long story short, it took me 3 trips to Lowes before I got the right valves for the job. After the valves were installed, they leaked. So it took some adjusting with teflon tape to get these new valves to stop dripping.

Still trying to decide on what new flooring to place in my office and the nearby entry way. New contestant is laminate flooring. It is concrete underneath the carpeting so it would be wise to get a floating floor. The leading candidate is spalted maple. Lots of character in that wood design.

I removed the laminate from the bottom two steps near the entry way. Wasn’t nearly as tough as I thought it would be. Probably a 15 minute job. Nice to have one thing that was straight forward today.

I took out the computer desk from in the office. I am now typing from on top of a card table. I will be placing this desk on craigslist shortly. Yep, more purging.

I better get to bed.

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