One of the reasons I am grouchy is because of the cold. The Zoyx Compound got down to -18 last night. That is the third time in the past week we have reached that anti-lofty mark. Good news is that we will be hitting the 20s (above) on Friday and Saturday, and then the 30s on Sunday and Monday. Bad news is that it will get cold again after that.

James Lileks tries to lift my spirits by doing silly cold weather experiments. It works for a few fleeting seconds, then the deep dark depression that is winter weather creeps back in.

We past the 5 PM sunset mark on the 16th. The day I am looking forward to is daylight savings day when we zoom to a 713 PM sunset. The average high is about 40 degrees by this date. The switch to Daylight savings is a holiday to me. Let the countdown begin.

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