Pink Bismuth Makes Black Poo

We had a tropical high temperature of 44 degrees yesterday at the Zoyx Compound. Almost all of the The snow/ice melted off of the driveway and porch. As I type, the temperature is 2 above, with a blustery northwest wind. The forecast for the rest of the day is “PAIN”.

The hardwood floor installer is working as I type. He managed to get 3/4 of the job done yesterday. Today he finishes up. The reason why he didn’t finish is because he didn’t know that he had to tack down another layer of plywood in the dining room. A communication breakdown somewhere. Always seems to happen in these type of projects. The carpet layers come in later this morning after he wraps things up.

My copy of Oozing Skull arrived in the mail. I brought it with me to “guys night” last night at the Claddagh Irish Pub in Maple Grove. After dinner, we went to one of the guys SUV with a DVD player built into the car stereo. He pressed a button, and this 6 inch screen flipped out of his dash. It was probably pretty funny for onlookers seeing 6 guys crammed into this SUV watching the first 5 minutes of Oozing Skull. I came home and watched the remainder of Oozing Skull. Those CineTit folks still know how to riff!

The theme music is very contagious. Another song that gets in your brain and stays there. This is the blog post that goes into the making of the theme music. The second clip is the finished product.

The CineTit crew will be doing some live stuff near me on Feb 12. I really should go. Assuming my schedule doesn’t change, I have that time off.

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