ALERT: Daily Twitter Posts

Below are the latest days “tweets” as of 3 AM Central Time.

05:26 At work. Only 8.5 hours til nap time.

06:20 11.2 inches of March snow. More than Nov, Jan, Feb combined. The pcpn was needed.

06:21 I don’t want a leader with common sense. I want a leader with extra-ordinary sense.

07:00 The national collegiate wx challenge is using MSP. I wonder if I can participate.

14:03 Home now… not ready for Easter nap yet. First the Easter Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich.

19:56 2 mile run complete. 28 degrees out there.

20:07 To improve transparency in information coming out of the Zoyx Compound… I just took out the trash/recycling.

23:00 Easter renovation! Tile laid around wood burner in the basement.

23:30 A cap full of coconut rum goes well in glass of Ovalquik.

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2 Replies to “ALERT: Daily Twitter Posts”

  1. tiling

    ummm, only 12″ of tile between burner and potential carpet? Fire code? I think, just think, it’s at minimum 18″.
    Could be wrong, usually am.


    1. Re: tiling

      There was 0″ of buffer, now there is 13″. I think the 18″ is for where you load the wood. This is a side loader, and we have well over 18″ there. The sides that don’t open up only need 6″.

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