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Below are the latest days “tweets” as of 3 AM Central Time.

10:28 Stayed up late last night converting another map over to TF2. Got it working and it is now on the Zoyx server. Made the server public

10:43 I have just been told that there is no ‘I’ in cyclops. Very profound.

11:17 2 mile jog. There are two "sees" in cyclops. Makes no sense.

11:45 The ice was out of my pond by March 25 last year. This year, not even close. Still a week or two away.

19:36 Reading up on TF2 map making tricks. Not only satisfies my creative side, but also my inner control freak.

20:08 I would much rather do this video game creation stuff over home renovation, anyday.

23:13 Sign of spring! The temperature in my house dropped only one degree while at work.

23:23 Nonsmoker,spiritual,animals/kids,travels,music,art,camping,canoeing, fishing,walking,biking,yoga,romantic,adventurous,funny,smart,sensitive.

23:25 The previous post was the amended version of what Michelle wants in a man. Women can be so needy. Me? A vagina. Breathing is a plus.

23:27 I really should tell more dick jokes. I would have much more followers on Twitter.

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