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Below are the latest days “tweets” as of 3 AM Central Time.

08:26 Dreamed that I had a pet Gerbil last night. Let it loose at work. lt chewed on all the wires under the desks.

08:28 The other dream was I was showering in an adjacent room next to a classroom. The partition was taken down, and everyone saw me naked.

08:54 Another dream from last night. Alligator game out of my childhood homes pond… and I didn’t have a camera.

13:36 At work. Did a 2 mile jog before leaving. 45 degrees and sunny. Another 10 degrees, and I am running without a sweatshirt.

13:40 10 degrees warmer than that, I am running without pants.

14:32 I need a new job. Any jobs require "moping". I’m good at that.

15:26 6 inches of "heart attack snow tomorrow. Some places could see 12".

16:01 WordPress 2.5 is out. I guess its time to update the ol’ blogging software.

16:59 I am that clueless guy. Sir? I don’t believe I ordered this Aspergers.

19:00 I need a haircut. A buzz cut. I shall buy clippers and do it myself. Jot that down.

19:33 Curt’s Salsa is *not* a good brand name. Most of the good Mexican names are taken, but there has got to be something.

19:43 I should put a yard stick in the yard and point a web cam at it. Watch it snow cam!

19:45 Really is depressing. We hit 51 at the Zoyx Compound today, then to be followed by 6-9 inches of snow tomorrow.

19:47 I do have the day off tomorrow. I could live blog the snow!

21:17 Just purchased Prey off of Steam. Only 5 dollars. I have no clue when I’ll have time to play it.

22:59 Almost ready for the beta-release of "No Fear" TF2 map. Need to fix the teleporter animation, that’s it.

23:50 I was wrong. Map leaked, had to destroy all of the work I did tonight. Redo it tomorrow after I learn what I did wrong.

23:51 Frustrating… oh well, go to bed and start over in the morning. Chock it up to being a retard.

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