Bald Eagle

I dreamed of the Bald Eagle Cottage last night. This was owned by my Grandmother, and as the name implies, was a cottage on Bald Eagle Lake in the town of White Bear Lake. In the dream, the cottage was moved right to the lake shore. About where the screen porch is. I was looking toward the lake, the waves were coming in and hitting the cottage. My mom was there telling me about how water totally filled the basement the previous year. Well if you hadn’t put the cottage right on the lake shore, and the basement below the water table, this might not have happened. Normally smart people are quite stupid in my dreams.

The cottage is out of the family, has been for 15 years, maybe 20 years, memory fails. The cottage was torn down and replaced. Gentrification action taken by my Uncle-in-law, who inherited it. Here is a picture of a family reunion. Besides my family, the Tayler and Costello cousins are in the picture. Six out of the seven kids in my family are in there. I am the one in the yellow soccer shirt. I believe I played soccer in 1976 or 77. So this picture is from that era.

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