ALERT: Daily Twitter Posts

Below are the latest days “tweets” as of 3 AM Central Time.

09:59 Lost 1.1 lbs since yesterday according to Wii Fit. The “play Trackmania, and forget to eat” diet is working great!

10:01 According to Steam, I have played 9.5 hours of Trackmania over the past 3 days.

10:17 They will be hoisting spans today on the new I-35W bridge. Watch: You can move the focus, amongst other things.

11:21 The likely thunderstorms for last night didn’t happen. It can start raining again, the yard mud has dried and the dock is out of the water.

11:38 Did 21 minutes of Wii Fit. Wii Fit is way too happy. Even when it is chiding you, it comes off lobotomized.

11:40 All this excercise, but not in shape. I can do maybe 5 push-ups, and I can’t do a pull-up. No pull-ups for me since 11th grade.

11:58 Sun is about to come out, better get the jog in before the heat hits.

12:40 2 mile jog –

14:15 Blog post about my blatant comsumerism…

14:37 Just shaved for the first time in 3 days. I do like vacations.

16:21 Now the thunderstorms are beginning to pop. Looks like most of the nastiness will pass to the north of me.

16:52 It is 83.1 degrees at the Zoyx Compound. First time to hit the 80s. Tornado touchdown in Coon Rapids. A couple of tornado warnings issued.

16:54 I would like to go for a bike ride in an hour. Hopefully the thunderstorms will have moved on by then.

21:00 20 mile bike hike…

21:18 Just had dinner – 4 granola bars and a sport drink.

21:38 New made up word for the day… Frelative – A friend that becomes part of the family.

22:03 Is fireworks for Memorial Day? Or do I have fucktards for neighbors? While I am at it, GET OFF OF MY YARD! I’m old.

00:34 Here is a video of a Trackmania Nations Forever run. This is the game I am addicted to right now.

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