ALERT: Daily Twitter Posts

Below are the latest days “tweets” as of 3 AM Central Time.

08:54 The body is a fickle beast. Gained 1.1 lbs over the past day, even though I only consumed 1500 calories and exercised 2.5 hours.

09:09 Destructive weather yesterday over the north metro.

09:42 Moving bed into basement bedroom. 73 degrees upstairs. 67 degrees in the basement. Should be able to use less air conditioning.

10:51 Just sent an email to an old college friend from 20 years ago. Still at Berkley.

10:54 @howardtayler Lots of Twitter outages. Let us hope Twitter is bought out by Google so a proper scaling engine can be built.

11:02 Hmmm, looks like the B&B I wanted to stay at is booked. Waited too long. Looks like a day trip. Long drive, 184 miles from my house.

12:21 Fun fact: 1/4th of bike trail miles are in Minnesota/Wisconsin.

12:21 @Ihnatko The Yastrzemski?

17:28 31 mile bike hike –

17:29 Biking 31 miles the day before doing an all day trip which includes a 35 mile bike ride… probably wasn’t the smartest thing. I’m tired.

17:55 It’s official. No day trip tomorrow. Golf instead.

18:32 Crap, just dropped and broke my 13" TV while moving it. Looks like I’ll be making a trip to one of these drop-off sites.

18:52 I shall replace the 13" TV with a small flat panel TV, with hookups for cable, NTSC, ATSC, HDMI, Cable and PC. Oh, and it can make waffles.

19:19 Going to Target to look at LCD TVs. They better not be closed on this Memorial Day. If so, they shall feel my wrath via angry Twitter posts.

19:28 I’m doing the Fishstick, RIGHT NOW!

20:50 Just bought 2 – 10′ HDMI cables at NewEgg for $27, including shipping. One 6′ cable at Target was $40 before taxes.

21:44 Just purchased, then returned an LCD 19" TV. Long story short, Target’s fault. I am most angry at Target right now. Foot stomping mad.

22:08 I really should go to bed. Grouchiness has overtaken me. For one thing, no one likes bitter twitters.

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5 Replies to “ALERT: Daily Twitter Posts”

          1. LOL

            As a first date?

            I think I’d rather go for a walk around a lake or something. (unless it’s the middle of winter, I guess)

            But I spent 2 hours there yesterday, so maybe I’m biased. 🙂

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