ALERT: Daily Twitter Posts

Below are the latest days “tweets” as of 3 AM Central Time.

07:29 Got down to 41 deg last night. Basement fell to 64. This was the first night sleeping downstairs. The furnace is turned off.

10:06 Just got written off by another woman. I think will pluck away on my twanger all day today to celebrate. – Good day then.

10:20 @sysord ebay link?

10:44 Found my dream house, just needs to be built…

10:48 It’s official, no golf today. Stay home and be lazy today.

14:29 My Atari 7800 arrived. Also bought an LCD TV. Both pictured here. – Apparently the previous owner was an anarchist. Cute!

16:29 430 PM, and I think I am about over the 31 bike hike hangover from yesterday. May go out for a jog shortly.

16:46 The high score table has been posted. Look for Kurt…

17:24 Just ordered 15 Atari 7800 games. Site was kinda scary, hopefully they can be trusted.

19:11 5k run complete –

23:32 @ylnt My interpretation of the fishstick. Includes spazzy twitching. Enjoy.

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