Santorum Conversation

Me: Why do you want to make America stupid and lazy?

Santorum: What?

Me: You don’t like Obama’s initiative to make higher education affordable and accessible to all Americans.

Santorum: Dah… Wha?

Me: You think going to college is snobbish, and a bridge to losing one’s religion.

Santorum: Open minds are bad.

Me: The study you reference about younger American’s dropping out of religion while in college also says that those that don’t go to college, drop out of religion at a higher rate.

Santorum: Derp.

Me: How do you expect to compete in the international economic playing field without an educated and skilled work force? China went from 6.4 million college enrollment in 1998 to 23 million in 2009. Do you think we need to compete with that?

Santorum: Herpa-derp.

Me: So do you think we should keep our American’s stupid and non-competitive?

Santorum: You like gay porn, don’t you.

Conversations in my head seem to always go this way.

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