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Below are the latest days “tweets” as of Midnight Central Time.

09:09 Watched Carson Daly from last night (DVR). Cloud Cult did their act. About a year ago I saw CC in the basement of Lakeview Castle.

12:10 Front lawn has been cut. This exercise is paying off. My gut is getting smaller, even though I’m not losing any weight.

13:00 Finally paid my annual association fee. Only two months late.

13:03 @chalain You’re right, no pregnant-like protruding gut. I weigh 211, so there is plenty of flab. DQ malts are a weakness of mine.

13:56 Elitists are mocked for drinking bottled water. Avocates to reduce the use of bottled water are labled elitists. Can’t win.

16:12 Someone wanted some art done for his web page. I obliged. I don’t think it was the look he was after. So festive!

17:55 Currently digitizing vids I took during the mid-90s. So from late Mobile, AL years into the Marquette, MI years. Someday I’ll youtube snips.

20:20 Kayaked Thole Lake. A wonderfula evening.

21:23 I get motion sick watching my old vids. Shaky cam is not fun to watch.

23:27 I mentioned Cloud Cult ealier today. Found a picture I took from the concernt I went to last year.

23:37 The duck in my pond had about 14 ducklings following her. These ducks have more. Cute ducklings… Ahhhhh.

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