ALERT: Daily Twitter Posts

Below are the latest days “tweets” as of Midnight Central Time.

09:19 Wii Fit says I only lost a pound during my trip. I was expecting more. Maybe I have a blockage. Time for some cleansing fiber!

10:06 Twins didn’t lose a game while I was gone. 10 game winning streak. Unfortunately, the rest of the division is winning. Not gaining much.

12:37 Pictures and videos have been posted from my trip!

12:55 Boom! Timber! Smoke stack falls in St. Paul this morning.

15:29 Trip hangover. Headache has abated somewhat, but still feel sluggish. Maybe a jog will break me loose.

16:06 Crap. New mainboard doesn’t take DDR memory. Just ordered 2GB DDR2 stick.

16:56 The riding lawn mower works! Yes, I have been using the push mower exclusively this summer.

17:37 Hooray! I found my blood shirt and jeans. All set to goth it up tonight.

18:17 Numbers are in for the trip. 3209.1 miles – 44.42 mpg

19:09 2.5 mile run –

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