Daily Tweet Dump

Below are the latest days “tweets” as of Midnight Central Time.

12:16 Lost my Comcast connection, tech arrives Mon. Just got done setting up my old 802.11b router to work as a wireless switch for my DSL router.

13:48 I feel elitist for owning 1 place. is.gd/1Q7s

21:42 10k run… by far the longest run of the year. The next longest was probably 3.5 miles. connect.garmin.com/activity/620804

21:46 Attemtped to fix my emachine laptop. 2 hours applying fresh thermal paste to CPU. Didn’t help. Continues to shutdown when it heats up.

21:54 Haven’t played my Wii in awhile. Actually this is a post to test hashtags. Tricky! #wii

21:55 Looks like hashtags was shut down on July 10… never mind.

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