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Below are the latest days “tweets” as of Midnight Central Time.

10:38 Under 199 lbs. Took only 4 days to lose this particular pound. Lowest weight since Christmas 2002. New goal? 194 lbs by my 44th b-day.

10:49 My bubble sofa has a slow leak, has to be refilled once a day. Time for that bag chair.

12:11 Got the carpet remnants out of garage rafters. Took the largest piece and placed it in the storage room.

12:13 Moved to fast throwing carpet in the trash. Strained my back. Seems to be nothing major, already feels better.

12:18 Roz has almost made it to Hawaii. rozsavage.com/blog/

12:44 Billboard fail – tinyurl.com/69m8u3

15:27 Downloading wikipedia for offline use, only 3.9 GB. Thought it would be bigger.

18:48 Yep, solid back strain. Be prepared for back related whining from me for the next 3 weeks. Fuck.

18:53 You really should go to the NHC site for all things Gustav. www.nhc.noaa.gov/ #gustav

20:13 Late aftn kayak of Mn River-connect.garmin.com/activity/688642 . Twilight 2 mile jog-connect.garmin.com/activity/688927 .

20:15 So as you can see, the back pain hasn’t made me a cripple.

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