CeraVe Day 6

I received my first big tub of CeraVe last Tuesday. I have been using it ever since fairly diligently. I took an empty hotel shampoo mini-bottle and filled with CeraVe, and I plopped it into my pocket. I am trying to reapply every time I wash my hands or after a couple hours. Also occasionally apply to my feet, but not quite as frequently.

The conclusion after this brief period:  Not a cure, but an excellent treatment. My immune system is still attacking my skin. The steroid goop is supposed to suppress this, but failing. I can feel my skin is thickening with time. But the CeraVe seems to be preventing my skin from chalking, peeling, cracking then bleeding. I am very pleased so far. I appear to finally have something, after over a decade of trying to figure something out.

I purchased this initial tub off of Amazon. Nearly $17 for 16 ounces. I went to two Cubs and a Super Target, but no CeraVe. Today I went to the Shakopee Walgreens, and they had the big tub, as well as an even pricier pump bottle. No price break – the price to have Amazon ship it to my house was the same as buying it at Walgreens. But Walgreens did have a generic knock-off. Simply called “Moisturizing Lotion with Ceramides”. Ceramides is the magic ingredient here. The generic went for $11 for 12 ounces in a pump bottle. I purchased one and will give it a try.

So it would appear I have a victory in this latest round of set-backs I have had lately. I can’t say my mood has dramatically improved, but I think outside elements are preventing that  from occurring. This is a beauty cream, maybe if I used it on my face as well.

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