Daily Tweet Dump

08:32 Only few weeks into this winter, and I am already weary from it. Only 76 days until daylight saving time. That day is a holiday in my world.

08:37 Original forecast was for a weak El nino. It is actually weak La Nina. Changes the winter outlook dramatically.

15:18 Just did 28 laps on the indoor track. Estimate that I did a 7:50 pace. I think it was the cute lady joggers that spurred me on.

16:40 Wind chill temperatures must die.

18:15 @HolyGod Always wondered how the sun worked. Makes so much sense now. Thanks!

18:28 @HolyGod The book of Zoyx, verse 2-7. “God shall thouest follow Zoyx betwixt Twitter.”

18:32 Well looky there, Winamp has a plugin for Twitter. One less reason to use Songbird. Follow my music at @ZoyxTunes

19:04 @drtiki … while dodging snowball snipers?

19:18 This Week in Fun 2 has already been posted – odtv.me/

20:10 Weather at my place – home.zoyx.com/weather/ – Got down to -13 here last night. Just as cold tonight expected.

21:00 @drtiki Better question – How much rum to put in the pancakes?

21:13 @HolyGod And so it was. Let the gaiety and happy prancing commence at once!

22:14 @wilw Are you eating your sandvich… tinyurl.com/66rzdo

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