Daily Tweet Dump

15:56 Giving Facebook another try. If I get another spam-fest from people, it will be chucked again.

16:05 I really should go to bed. So cranky. Second thought, shower first, I am quite “ripe”.

17:21 Damn insomnia! Maybe this podcast with @leolaporte, @hodgman & @jonathancoulton will put me to sleep. Hope so. No one likes a grump.

17:30 Learned: In the old country, on a cold night, people would place ferrets in their pants to keep warm. Last night was a 12 ferret night.

18:45 Learned: Rummys have no wind. – They say you don’t learn things on podcasts. As you can see, it is quite the contrary.

19:13 My house, yard, driveway are covered by a dome. The interior is heated with a Toshiba micro nuclear reactor.

19:24 Apparently 140 mph winds weren’t in the spec when they built NWS radars. is.gd/cEjm

19:56 Checked the mouse trap. It has been violated. Nay-Nay, vandalized. The perpetraters shall face my wrath, so help God!

20:13 @lonelysandwich I would prefer an Oreck with “special” attachments, thank you very much.

20:44 Just uploaded this song to Imeem – is.gd/d3L2 – so EPIC! Need to register to listen, sorry about that.

21:11 My feeble attempt at holiday cheer – is.gd/d3WB

21:15 Remember – is.gd/d3Z0

22:10 Time to try and sleep again. Hope I don’t have a recurrence of that goat dream… yeesh!

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