Daily Tweet Dump

04:11 Yep, snowed last night. Judging by the porch railing, a couple inches. Zoyx said it would be like this.

07:47 My domain name, g-aims.com expires in 5 days. Never fully actualized. Need to blue-sky solutioneer a future orientation to maximize margins.

08:46 @thurrott I want a client with twhirl-like capabilities that is web-based. Can’t install these clients on work computers.

09:25 Cutting my own hair has been a great success! Next step? Doing my own cornrows.

15:29 Workout: 28 laps in 19:52. Baskets for 15 minutes. Then hot tub. Awkward: Turned down offer from other person to use his basketball.

15:37 @hodgman You’re trying to creep out @veronica again, aren’t you?

15:57 Wore the polka-dot unda-roos to the gym for the first time. The locker room envy was palpable. Those poor tighty whitey guys, so inferior.

16:13 Song of the moment: is.gd/dcJE – Imeem account required.

18:28 @ylnt Sweaters? I thought we were going to do neck massagers this year? Make up your minds!

19:16 Facebook is like my childhood bedroom. It is decorated to show my individuality. Problem is, I can’t find a place to hide my Playboys.

21:04 @hodgman Do you go NOM-NOM-NOM-NOM while you eat your sandwich? Because frankly, I find that rather disgusting.

21:36 I am transferring my college radio shows from 1990/91 to mp3. This song came along – is.gd/dfaX -the song/video have aged gracefully.

23:06 Modern Rock Show #6 Oct 8, 1990 is now available in all of its muffled/snappy greatness. drop.io/modernrock6

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