Daily Tweet Dump

08:29 Ok facebook…Entertain me!

08:37 Nice entry about the problems with Twitter, and social networks in general… is.gd/diJf

08:44 The Christmas monkey just swore at me! Well fuck you too Christmas monkey. If you don’t have the holiday spirit, then begone.

09:43 You know what needs to come back? White wall tires. Or perhaps other colors to augment your cars color. Serious blue-sky thinkin’ there!

09:46 More blue-sky: A web site where you can add Blagojevich hair to people. Everyone wants to know what they look like with Blago hair.

09:48 Updated Thought Spew to zoyx.com/spew – Laconica is promising Facebook support in a future update.

10:55 That is just a bit aggravating. Update to Thought Spew blew away the database. Had to use a 3 week old backup.

11:32 Oh good. Found a more recent backup of the database…didn’t lose anything. I have, however lost Twitter and Twhirl support.

12:34 Time to go grocery shopping. I’m in charge of the veggie tray and rum-laced eggnog this year for the party. So responsible.

12:41 I installed the facebook plugin for WinAmp. The music I have played since last night is in my account somewhere. Let me know if you find it.

12:54 Looks like we have a fail on the facebook plugin for winamp. Doesn’t remember settings. Probably a permissions problem in Vista.

13:51 Dokatah is a fail today as well. Closed at noon.

14:27 Facebook, you’re not doing a good job of entertaining me. I have needs, yah know.

18:54 Shriekback was a pretty freaky band. But I was into freaky back in the day. tinyurl.com/2vdmeo

20:10 Going through my “record off the radio” tapes. Listening to a 1995 tape now. Wish I wrote down artist/song names. Finding lost treasures.

20:30 Oh fun! Found a “lost” NIN song. A recorded radio song that I never knew the title or CD. Thank you internet, “Memorabilia” – Closer EP.

20:54 Important health lessons for you to ponder entering into the new year – tinyurl.com/a3o5rr

21:28 I hope you don’t mind if I act as your DJ for the night – tinyurl.com/8rxcvz

21:52 Umm, it is minus 13 at the Compound. South winds can kick in any effing minute now. Thank you!

22:02 A guilty pleasure – this 90s dance tune complete with freaky bald chick – tinyurl.com/4cfd5k

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