Daily Tweet Dump

08:16 I was wondering how Wii Fit was going to handle Christmas. The dancing balance board wished me Happy Holidays and was wearing a santa hat.

08:23 Hooray south winds. 7 degrees right now. Thats a 20 degree warm up since 11 PM last night.

09:40 Why are my Imeem uploads not showing in the search results? I ask you.

10:12 The food and games have been packed, the preemptive Ibuprofen has been taken, I’m ready to go to the party.

18:08 Retweeting @HolyGod: twitter.com/HolyGod/statuses/1078399577

18:23 This is how your grandfather made it through x-mas. Guess what? It still works! is.gd/dum2

21:26 Just watched “Who Killed the Electric Car”. Didn’t fill me with any holiday cheer. The electric car will have its day.

21:46 Listening to Macbreak Weekly. Getting harder to follow: I still don’t own an Apple product, and Merlin Mann is no longer contributing.

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