Daily Tweet Dump

10:00 Another lost song – FOUND! – tinyurl.com/6xqlga

10:10 You know how I said a few days back that I would never by a music CD ever again. I lied.

10:47 Yet another lost song as been found : tinyurl.com/8dhu3p

11:39 In my culture, pants are optional on Dec 26th. Well… time to get ready for work!

13:34 41° currently at the compound. That’s a 54° climb in the past 36 hours.

13:50 Yep, twhirl stopped working on my laconica site when I updated to Laconica and twhirl teams aren’t on the same page.

14:33 Made up word alert! Undercast = clouds tops.

15:10 @Lileks Was it ticking?

17:48 Who’s messing with my temperatures sensor. Just shot up to 47°. Damn you kids, get outa my yard! {shakes fist}

23:12 @commandertim I use Chrome for Gmail. Works pretty good. Make a gmail shortcut via Chrome, then gmail acts very application-like.

23:17 Eggnog POWER!! Did 29 laps in 20:44 at the gym. Bonus! – Had the hot tub all to myself. Nice not sharing with an obese septuagenarian.

23:44 I am being followed by @Repurblican. Ruh-roh, the republicans have discovered Twitter.

00:20 @HotAmishChick Dear Lord, please bless the homosexuals, even though they are ruining America with their hedonism. Love to Jesus. Amen.

00:26 Time for bed. Good night to my Twitterites. Oh, and how can I forget my Facebookians… FLOWERS!!!

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