Daily Tweet Dump

08:32 It’s official, I gained 5 lbs in December. There is a dark side to the holidays, and this is it.

09:24 I’m jealous. My cousin received a Strohl Munitions BH-209i plasma gun for Christmas. Where’s mine! Where’s my love! is.gd/dPyy

10:29 Another email entitled, “Google Password Assistance”. Someone trying to gain access to my gmail account. Unsettling.

11:04 @echuckles I went down a bra size myself. In my case, that’s a good thing.

11:47 Leaving for work. Recording the Vikes game. Shhhh… don’t tell me the score.

14:08 Discovered samepoint.com, a social search engine. Query “zoyx” and a response is a blog post I did about “New Guinea Wasting Disease”.

16:12 Looks like Xcel is doing a mashup of wind power and batteries… tinyurl.com/7o3m26

17:15 Many girls are just finding out that their Christmas ponies defecate. A smelly defecation at that. Something they are responsible in cle …

17:39 Men must win & conquer, again & again. Video game study – tinyurl.com/a8r52c

18:48 @commandertim If you have some scores posted in either mono or mono pro, pass along the songs so I canz beatz them.

19:20 So you want to build your own Schlockmercenary plasma gun… tinyurl.com/72a2et

22:52 Workout – COMPLETE! Now watching the Vikes. I bet they lose.

22:57 The reason Bud Lite has drinkability is because it tastes like water. Everybody loves water!

23:58 Unlike Andy Rooney, I trim my eyebrows.

00:41 All that freezing of the kicker caused my DVR to miss the winning field goal. I am most dipleased. Going to my bedroom to pout.

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