Daily Tweet Dump

09:19 @commandertim Yeah, I have an account, Zoyx. How do I browse the songs that you’ve played? Let me know if you see mine.

09:47 Big sale at Steam. Purchased World of Goo and I-Fluid for $20.

09:52 Patrick Reusse to do morning talk on at KSTP-AM. Some balance going on. KSTP was nearly all righty talking heads. is.gd/dZIT

10:37 Apparently Boston Butt is from the upper part of the front leg shoulder. No wonder New Englanders are confused, you’re doing it wrong!

15:34 Using wireless out of the Fitness Center. VPN through the house seems to be functioning properly.

16:24 The sun’s rays coming into my house really showcase how much dust the humidifiers are spewing into the air.

16:26 I feel a need for a nap. Must find a podcast to lull me into sleep. Tekzilla!

18:46 Which Tetris lyrics meet your approval, this: is.gd/bJ9R or this is.gd/e5wH ? The first one is probably NSFW.

18:50 Applause worthy skills: is.gd/dZ4Q

19:08 New record today at the indoor track. Did 28 laps in 19:23.

20:35 s cleaning house and listening to tunes. The tunes in question can be found here: twitter.com/ZoyxTunes

21:22 Life lesson learned via @echuckles RT >> twitter.com/echuckles/statuses/1085209371

21:58 Winamp still fail with divx. Back to Gom.

22:32 Watching Grindhouse… a tough movie. May have to move onto something else.

23:03 Subscribed to yammer via my work email address. Now receiving spam. Fuckers.

23:54 @commandertim I like winamp, but video support sucks. I have media player classic installed but don’t like it. Gom works great for video.

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