Daily Tweet Dump

07:36 Thanks Grindhouse… I had 3 drug-induced shootings during my dreams last night.

08:21 I like funny atheists: tinyurl.com/9llnou

08:27 @commandertim Gom doesn’t come with most codecs. You need to download them. Same for Winamp. The codec installed for gom is used by MPC.

08:36 @commandertim In summary, codecs, once installed, are used by all players. e.g. Gom uses quicktime’s h.264 codec.

10:39 Amazon Recommendations algarithm understands me more than you do.

10:59 In honor of today’s snow… tinyurl.com/8opscv

11:53 An oil-based plugin fragrance thing tipped over and produced this stain on my kitchen island. How do I fix? is.gd/edbr

12:48 @Lileks My feelings about the snow … tinyurl.com/8opscv

13:01 For those that like to lobotomize their news – good-news.alltop.com/

14:03 Steve Jobs dieing? – tinyurl.com/9s3zqc

14:17 Oh look, iFart is the #1 selling iPhone app. is.gd/dYbq

14:30 I can’t see across the pond. That means less than a quarter mile visibility. Snowing heavily.

15:02 Looks like the worst of the snow is over, just flurries. Going to venture out to shovel the driveway. Wish me luck!

19:11 I have my digital converter box. I wonder what hax I can do with it?

21:59 @echuckles So how is your intelligence dept? Any group think problems?

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