Daily Tweet Dump

10:52 One good thing about this cold, eczema on my hands has all but disappeared.

11:40 I just purchased the album Radio Retaliation by Thievery Corporation off of Amazon. Some tasty international beats.

12:33 Sneezing every 15 minutes. This would explain the spikes on your seismographs.

15:32 Ah yes, that global warming wildcard – methane – tinyurl.com/buh28o

18:39 @loudtweeter Consider open sourcing LT so others can start up servers. Please.

20:23 Crap, the Quake Live open beta is full. I am 9152 in the queue. Going to blame this on Id for not being ready for the demand. @quakelive

20:48 Fuck you Id. Put me in queue to re-download Quake Live. Back in queue to play the game. I will probably have to redo my config.@quakelive

23:59 Just sneezed in my hands. Trying to interpret the snot patterns. Help! I need a booger reading!

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