Daily Tweet Dump

11:53 Feeling better. Fever broke last night. Started snowing about 20 minutes ago.

12:29 I’ve been bitching about Quakelive, and how it seems to owe me. A bit of reality… tinyurl.com/bd3d7t

13:11 Can’t see across the pond due to snow. Means less than 1/2 mile visibility. Over 2.5 inches in the past 2 hours. #snowmageddon

14:01 Update: I can now see across the pond… so 1/2 – 3/4 mile visibility. 4″ in the driveway. #snowmageddon

14:10 Thundersnow over S MN – thunderstorm.vaisala.com/explorer.html

14:37 twitpic.com/1plly – View from back porch, looking over pond during #snowmageddon

14:58 Will watch WCCO news tonight. Curious to see if they call this #snowmageddon – Driving sucks, but we have had far worse.

15:31 @sandy Because during a 1.5 hour period, snow was falling @2 inches per hour with thunder. #snowmageddon

16:10 Another snow burst upstream of the cities on radar. Not nearly as bad as the first wave, though. #snowmageddon

22:01 I would like to know why sometimes my Ubuntu computers boots up with sound working, and other times not. Very odd.

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