Daily Tweet Dump

09:13 Crap! Forgot my towel.

16:02 Trimmed my rogue eyebrows. I should let them go and embrace my inner Andy Rooney.

16:38 AudioSurf stats – audiosurf.satf.se/

17:23 Finally discovering this nearly year old feature – you can change audio-surf game modes with song tags – bit.ly/18yzzL Lots of fun.

19:45 Does anyone else’s nose whistle when they breathe right now? If so, let’s get together so we can harmonize!

19:51 @spam mpxekladteyx

21:08 Dusk 5k run complete. Hopefully none of the mosquitoes I inhaled weren’t the malaria carrying kind.

21:15 Speaking as a “Prominent Internet User”, going for a sympathy grab on the internet, is usually a play that will result in great folly.

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