Fresh install of Ubuntu, WRF_EMS and the benchmark is in …

Collecting system information from the benchmark simulation

                 System Date         : Tue Jul 14 03:41:49 2009 UTC
                 Alternate Hostname  : None
                 Machine Address     : 
                 Alternate Address   : 
                 Machine OS          : Linux      
                 Kernel              : 2.6.28-13-generic  
                 Linux Distribution  : 5.0  
                 CPU Name            : AMD Phenom(tm) 9950 Quad-Core Processor    
                 CPU Type            : i686    
                 CPU Instructions    : barcelona    
                 Physical CPUs       : 1    
                 Cores per CPU       : 4    
                 Total Processors    : 4    
                 CPU Speed (MHz)     : 1300.000   
                 System Memory       : 3276 Mb
                 Binaries            : STRC Compiled x32    

Summary of nodes and processors used for benchmark simulation:

             *  4  processors

           WRF EMS ARW core benchmark simulation completed in 27 minutes 39 seconds

Only red flag is the CPU speed… what's up with that?  Otherwise I think I shall declare this a success.  Good night…

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