Daily Tweet Dump

10:04 @urkillingme The only reason I followed you is that you didn’t seem like a spammer, If you try and sell me a time-share, prepare for wrath.

11:08 Why are there Mardi Gras beads in my gym bag?

11:13 @spartalacrosse 4 sets… gold/white/purple/green. There was also a bungie cord.

13:22 The team in the white uniforms scored! That geriatric looking player seems quite happy.

13:31 RT @sween: I only ask myself “What would Jesus do?” if I don’t want to shave.

14:58 T-Jack? Don’t the Vikings realize how important it is to cover the spread?

16:32 I want this keyboard :: bit.ly/9hVQN :: Only $1200.

17:44 RT @SouhanStrib: Twins rookies forced to wear Teletubbie outfits on trip to Chicago. Wouldn’t want to be the purple one.

19:08 Good buzz coming off of the Vikings this year. Same kind of feeling I got from the 1926 Duluth Eskimos.

20:11 Work should get a mame cabinet. Y’know… to build morale.

20:53 RT @johncmayer: Before Xanax, before Ambien, there was Cap’n Crunch. Over the counter. Safe. Non-habit forming. Scratchy.

22:46 Weight loss epiphany :: Exercise so hard that you get nauseous and lose all appetite.

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