Daily Tweet Dump

10:12 Brilliant stop motion – www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_jyXJTlrH0 #fb

10:14 Fun dream last night. Time traveler let me drive his pink Plymouth Satellite in foot deep fluffy snow. #fb

11:01 @abigvictory I am seeing more and more grocery stores installing portals to hell.

11:34 My drylete running pants arrived! No… won’t model them for you. Just say they accentuate my twig-like legs. #fb

11:55 A book of random digits on Amazon – bit.ly/8l3idC – As always, the comments are golden.

15:04 Another pass on WRF-EMS. This time a cluster with two Barcelona based chips – zoyx.posterous.com/wrf-ems – Pleased with benchmark.

21:15 EGGNOG! ! ! The official drink of Thanksgiving eve. #fb

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