Daily Tweet Dump

02:04 Hermit life took another hit. Just back from high school happy hour fun – great times! I would blog about it, but I like living. #fb

12:32 Upper 40s and sunny – feel like I should be playing golf. Pond is completely iced over though. #fb

13:22 Boycott until the 1st sale. Purchased Left 4 Dead 2 for $30 @ Amazon. – bit.ly/80R66d

19:04 Fixing old futon frame. New frame has been deemed not living room appropriate. More teenage bedroom appropriate.

19:45 @spartalacrosse Broke the wood futon frame about a month ago. Bought a new one off Amazon and don’t like it. So fixing the old one – again.

21:58 @weathertom Purchased over Amazon… don’t want to go through the hassle.

22:51 Fairly intense homemade music video – bit.ly/5AQ85i – Almost pro Cinematography.

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