Daily Tweet Dump

06:43 No more favrd – favrd.textism.com – It was a way of finding clever twitter folk. I’ll miss it. #fb

10:44 I wonder if the “web-cock algorithm” used by favrd will be open sourced.

11:15 @weathertom Very apt name – bit.ly/7z7lYf – urban-dictionary definition. Twitter needs a webcock filter.

12:16 All these posts about favrd, but still not a trending topic on Twitter. Safe to say that favrd had a cult following.

13:26 I shall ironically follow @APlusK in honor of favrd being down.

20:42 Plants! I own plants. How are they not dead. Been at least a month since they’ve been last watered. Maybe 2. #fb

21:39 @SouhanStrib He hurt his hand in the 1st half. Not throwing with confidence since then.

22:07 @spartalacrosse Yup, they’re done. Good game AZ.

22:10 @spartalacrosse Gonna get our fair share of snow and wind. I hate winter.

22:14 Turning off Vikes game. Now looking for alternative entertainment. TWIG? #fb

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