Daily Tweet Dump

06:27 RT @sween: “Shoveling would be much more satisfying if the snow could feel it.” #fb

07:02 RT @Chuckumentary: “Infamous climate-denier” Lord Monckton w/ 350 & I ♥ Climate Change stickers on his back! tr.im/lord350 #fb

07:34 Today is National Lager Day. As if you needed an excuse. #fb

08:22 The only way to get a video game player to take a shower – bit.ly/5FQxBm

12:29 @drkiki Are we jumping sharks today?

15:48 Imeem has been absorbed by MySpace Music. Dead to me – especially since I can’t log into my Imeem account. #fb

20:59 Scanning old pictures. Debating on whether to post them to Flickr. Fearing extortion. #fb

00:31 I’m not the only one – farm3.static.flickr.com/2684/4174740834_fd009493dc.jpg #fb

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