Daily Tweet Dump

14:16 Non-political fun thing from Stewart/Colbert – bit.ly/8KliF9 – Brilliant. I have a thesaurus habit… makes me feel more smartly.#fb

15:00 Easter Egg :: Google.com > click “I’m Feeling Lucky” with an empty search box > 2009 countdown is displayed. #fb

17:02 bit.ly/4E2IYf

18:13 Where is my fitbit? – fitbit.com – I pre-ordered back in September. Don’t they realize that I am a very prominent internet user! #fb

23:00 Back from workout. One screen had “It’s a Wonderful Life”, the other, “War of the Worlds”. Not a good mashup.#fb

00:07 Found it! The best remix of Headhunter – www.youtube.com/watch?v=C7IfTKI7M1w

00:21 Home dentistry tip :: Brush your teeth with Lanacane before performing your own root canal.

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