4 Replies to “I Turned 40 Today!!”

  1. But… you haven’t reproduced yet.

    No slicy until you have actual offspring, cuz. 😉

    I’m 36. I have four kids. When I turn 40, I’ll STILL not be asking for any slicy-slicy.


    1. Re: But… you haven’t reproduced yet.

      Let me tell you a tale. Back in the early 80s, the Minnesota Twins had a relief pitcher by the name of Ron Davis. Toward the end of his run with the Twins, he was only used when the game was lost and the Twins needed a mop up pitcher. Because of this, whenever there was a hopeless cause, Minnesotans would say, “Well, time to throw in the Davis”.

      In the case of me producing offspring, we have reached the “time to throw in the Davis”.

      I’ll be careful. I’ll make sure the castration fairy doesn’t perform the operation.

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