Mutant Storm Reloaded

Mutant Storm Reloaded has been released on Steam. The original Mutant Storm was released way back in 2002. This game pre-dates Geometry Wars (another famous dual-stick game) by about year. It is the first modern dual-stick arcade shooter that I played and liked. The Reloaded version is essentially the same as the original, just updated graphics.  So I was able to pick up where I was in the early aughts when I last played this. I really like the dual stick genre – it is the main style of game I play on the Xbox 360. I go back to Robotron 2084 and Smash TV – the original dual stick games from the 80s.

Because I discovered this game quickly, I was able to make the World Top 10 (number 7 to be exact). I had to snap the picture below to remember this momentous occasion. I suspect I’ll be out of the top 10 before the night is out.

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