New Computer Case

I built a “frankenputer” using a test bed “case”. This sounds cool, but this is totally impractical when using it in the living room. I recommend this case if you are actually testing and benching hardware, or storing the computer in a closet. Beyond that, not much to recommend.

I am going to go to a couple of LAN parties in March, so needed a real case. I bought the NZXT Vulcan micro-ATX game “enthusiast” case. Still not living room appropriate, but I don’t care. When it isn’t traveling to LAN Parties, it will be pulling home theatre PC duty. As I type this, it is streaming the Kevin Pollak Chat Show episode with Nathan Fillion on my 37″ LCD display. I am pleased with the result.

No fun picture or video from me on this job – sorry. I will leave that up to Rodney Reynolds. He does a nice little review of this case. Much better than anything I could do. He has been doing these videos for some time now. I seem to recall him doing a review of my Shuttle SS51 that I bought nearly 10 years ago. He does have annoying ticks… overly annunciating words and seems to be fighting an accent that I can’t put my finger on. But his reviews are detailed and his audio/video quality is bordering on professional. So watch the video and soak in all the geekiness that is Rodney Reynolds.

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