I am going to give Grammarly another try. Grammarly is a Chrome extension that checks your spelling and grammar. I apparently tried it a few years back, because I had an account already assigned to my email. I hope it works because my writing is getting worse, not better. My worst habit is that I drop words. A totally normal sentence, but a word or two is just plain missing.

I discovered the Yellofier app. You can make random noises into your IOS device, and it will then let you arrange and modify these noises into music. It is just a music doodler, nothing pro level. But really fun! I shall attach a 10 second sound bite of what I created.

A new FrontLine Assembly album dropped recently. I have found a few really good nuggets in the mix. Not any bad songs, but there are few that are just boring. The usual filler that disappoints you. “Living a Lie” is one of the more lively songs. Someone has already made a homemade video for it.

Chemical Brothers have also released a new album. I have not purchased this yet, but this early video is a lot fun… and it gets weird. I know, a Chemical Brothers video that’s weird. Just shocking.

Well, I had another 2 or 3 things I was going to post about, but they are gone from my memory. I really should jot these things down.

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