Bob Yates

I am a big fan of Bob Yates. He did a talk show called Bob’s Radio Basics in the late 80s into the early 90s on KSTP-AM. Then spent the rest of the 90s on KFAN-AM.

I taped a few shows in 1993. I was living in Slidell, Louisiana at the time. When I visited the folks in Minnesota, I would tape a few shows so I could have something from home to listen to in the deep south. 1993 was Bob’s transition from KSTP to KFAN. So the first tapes I had were of him on KSTP, and the next couple recordings were on KFAN. Those tapes are in digital form for your listening pleasure¬†on this page.

Someone (not me, that’s for sure) made a video of the old KSTP studio before they moved to new digs. It is a bit obnoxious, but does have a few images of Bob embedded. Lowering the volume may do your ears some good here.

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  1. Love the Bob Yates audio recordings. I miss Bob. Have to admit I listened to all the bits here. He was GREAT. Thanks for posting these. Wish I could find more of these. Thanks!!!

  2. Thanks for posting these. I was a big fan of his — heard him first on the “Hot Rocker” before he moved to purely talk radio.

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