Taking a break from my Levothyroxine. That’s my synthetic thyroid pills. The last time my TSH levels were checked, I was hyperthyroid. Doctor didn’t change my dosage. Lately I have been feeling like crap. Part of the reason is spring allergies, but the main reason is my eczema is the worst it has ever been. Plus I have been really anxious and frazzled lately. So I am going to take a couple weeks off from Levothyroxine and see what happens. This has not been a fun spring, even with the nice weather.

2 Replies to “Hyperthyroid”

  1. Are you hypothyroid or hyperthyroid? I take Levothyroxine for hypo. If I go off it I get tired, my joints ache, my brain feels foggy. Anyway, allergies can cause eczema and anxiety. You’ve probably already explored this road, but just in case…

    1. Hypothyroid. I am taking too much Levothyroxine so I feel hyperthyroid. I need to get a lower dosage. I really don’t notice anything when I go off it.

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