Ubuntu retry

Trying the latest release of Ubuntu (Precise Pangolin, 12.04 LTS). Not happy with it still. The problems this time around are 1) Suspend doesn’t work. 2) CIFS mounts are buggy. 3) Mouse doesn’t work correctly after boot up.

I suspend the machine, the fans stop and the screen goes black as expected. I hit the power to button to bring the system back, the fans fire up, but nothing after that. Screen remains black. Have to do a hard reset.

My NAS is hooked up to a windows box. I set up fstab to mount this windows share – that works well. I can’t stream videos properly. About once every 30 seconds, the video stops for a couple seconds. If I copy the video over into the linux filesystem, works fine.

I reach desktop after a fresh boot, and the mouse is able to select things in the side menu. Start any app, and my mouse can no longer select things. I hit ctrl-alt-del to log-off. Then log back in, and things are fine after that.

The one thing that did impress me is wifi hook-up. I have had all sorts of problems connecting to wifi with previous versions. With 12.04, connecting to my wifi router was really easy.

I am getting used to the Unity desktop. Although I suspect my mouse problems are related Unity. My main gripe is Unity is poor on discovery. It took a lot of exploring to figure out how to get a terminal up, for example. Then more exploring to figure out how to bring up multiple terminals.

But the above problems are show-stoppers that I don’t have the patience to debug. I will try the latest Mint distro when that comes out in about a month.

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