Ipad 3 Soonish

The Ipad 3 is rumored to be released the first week of March. One feature will be retina display. That sounds like they are going to shoot lasers into you eyes.


Retina Display explained – “Retina Display is designed to smooth the jagged edges of pixels are provide a higher-quality image than previously available on mobile devices. Apple claims that it’s resolution is so good that it makes it impossible to distinguish individual pixels. The effects of the display technology are noticeable in many uses, but especially in text, where font edges are curves are substantially smoother than on previous display technologies.

Retina Display’s image quality derives from a number of factors:
A greater density of the pixels that make up the iPhone’s screen
Higher contrast ratio than previous models for brighter whites and deeper blacks
In-Plane Switching (IPS) technology to improve viewing angles
Chemically treated glass over the screen and LED backlighting to improve the quality of the image”.

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